Morning Walk in the Sunshine

Description of sighting

After a very wet evening,the Down had dried out quite well and there were few people initially.On arrival there were two sparrowhawks flying over,closley followed by a heron and a large flight of goldfinches.On the top of the Down,there were large numbers of adult and juvenile stonechats,and a few quite visible wheaters.A young couple and their ferret came by,the ferret apparantly not having spotted the rabbits near the road.In the bushes tere were large numbers of longtailed tits ,a  few blue and great tits together with a very vocal robin.Low Tide and the exposed mud showed up the large numbers of shellduck and mallard feeding.On the Cliffs on the BOS side I was lucky to see three young Kestrels,one perched on a rocky outcrop,the other two just playing.Large numbers of swallows and house martins were feeding.

Date of sighting

2008 Sep 1

Time of day

Between 10 am and 12.30

Birds Seen

wood warbler
long-tailed tit
little egret
herring gull
Great Tit
carrion crow
blue tit

a special sighting