A very Windy Day

Description of sighting

First visit in June coincided with a shift at the Fort in very windy weather.The weather did influence the
birds that were visible,The new cattle are on site now and seem to be quite settled,the bulk of the goats were on the south
side of the hill looking for a bit of sun,althought I did notice 3 of the mature males in a separate group on the north side.When opening up the magazine gate I heard a thump and saw a youg rabbit had fallen about 15 feet
into the stairwell.It seems remarkably undamaged if a bit confused and when I carried it to the top happily hopped away into the grass!

Date of sighting

2012 Jun 9

Time of day

Birds Seen

Rock Pipit
pied wagtail
herring gull
carrion crow

a special sighting